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Insurance – Who likes to shop insurance each year?



     As the person responsible for your business’s success and profitability, you look for ways to remain competitive and lean in order to take new opportunities to grow your business.  Overhead growth is always a concern and the unknown pushes you to “shop around” for all of your expenses.  You look at a better office supply company, negotiate power providers, and even look at your business insurance premiums.


     Many business owners see insurance as just one of those things that you need.  The banks and customers give you their requirements and so your insurance decisions become more compliant than a working tool in the management of your business risk.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who you use because insurance companies are just out there to take your money.  Right?


     I understand.  I was the Chief Operating Officer for a large contractor that did pharmaceutical and governmental construction on the East Coast in the 1990s.  At that time, I did not have a deep understanding of insurance, I had no comprehensive risk plan and I carried the limits dictated in contracts.   I did what most business owners do to keep cost down by looking around at different agencies and carriers and “shopping” my insurance policies.


     What if there was another way to lower costs that ends the cycle of price and coverage and shopping your insurance for cheaper rates and credits?  What if the real focus on savings wasn’t in the premiums, but in the management of the Total Cost of Risk?  I help my clients transition their focus and their understanding on how to control their premium in a way that brings insurance in line with their overall strategic objectives.


     You make the call.  I’m not forcing you to do anything.


     My plan gives you a better understanding of your total business risk.  You’ll be able to better address all of the risk factors that will ultimately lead to saving money without going through the mindless annual shopping process.

Current process of Shopping Insurance

Buying insurance based on everyone else’s requirements.  Never understanding how to make it all work together.  Shop out your insurance plan each year to get the best premium.

Implement Total Cost of Risk Program

I provide the guidance and resources you’ll need to put together a total risk management program that addresses all risk, not just the ones that can be handled by filing a claim to an insurance carrier.

Successfully manage your total cost of risk.

You now are actively managing your business exposures, keeping ahead of what is required and pro-actively managing your risk.  It ultimately saves your business money.  I see a promotion coming!!

Business Continuity Management – Why is it so important?




Business that never reopen after a disaster.


Business that close after major data loss.


Improvement with Business Continuity Management

I help you manage your business risk!

I want to help you manage your business risk and reduce the total cost of risk to your business.  Some reductions are found through lower insurance premiums others through proper risk management techniques. 

Here are some comments from my clients.

Lancaster manufacturerPresidentJune 10, 2016

I appreciate the relationship I have with Craig.  We’ve looked at a lot of things our prior insurance agents never addressed.  We made a great choice and my business is being taken care of.

Energy executiveChief Financial OfficerLeading energy supplier in Eastern Pennsylvania09/29/2017

It has been great working with you.  I’ve always appreciated your help and support, and the way you’ve looked out for the company.

Dave InnersPresident/OwnerDRI Machine Shop7/20/2015

“This is the only thing that matters.” (while holding Craig’s business card in his hand)