About Craig

Value that delivers results.

Proactive risk management services that are executed to deliver results are what I’m all about. 

Over twelve years ago, I joined a commercial insurance agency as a risk advisor and commercial account executive, leveraging my years of experience in the pharmaceutical construction and government contracting industry. As a prior partner and chief operating officer handling both accounting and operations of a 60 employee multi-state construction operation, I established plans and procedures to maintain strong profitability with 400% growth.

Today, my clients see value in the wealth of understanding in accounting and business management and appreciate how I dovetail insurance and risk management into their business. When setting risk reduction goals or plans with my clients, some see my plans as ambitious, but are quick to buy-in once I provide the road map to complete their goals.

My areas of expertise are energy suppliers with a focus on heating oil, fuel cells and propane, manufacturing, and construction companies located in the Mid-Atlantic region. I handle branch locations and plants throughout the United States and Far East.


How I approach risk and insurance.

For the last twelve plus years, I’ve helped many businesses develop plans and procedures to manage their business risks.  Many were having difficulty finding insurance due to their loss history.   They had no idea where to go, what to do, or how they were going to afford their renewal premiums. 

Most new clients I’ve worked with thought loss control was a shelf of three-inch binders full of small print and the “life draining” task of trying to implement the entire program all at once.  They had great intentions, but were unable to execute.

Through partnering, my clients and I aim at stopping losses first, and then pro-actively addressing risks that would cause a major interruption to the business.  This is more of an evolutionary process rather than an all at once attempt.  My approach has quickly reduced loss activity and has reversed major companies’ loss experience in three years. 


An great example of my client’s success.

A large metal manufacturer had repetitive laceration claims in their plant.  Even though the losses were small, fifteen arm cuts at $1,700 each added up and affected not only their workers’ comp experience modification, but their ability to great insurance at a competitive price.  A simple Kevlar sleeve and glove program for all production employees lowered the number of  incidents to one the following year.  Within three years, their employer modification reduced 57%, saving them $50,000 in workers compensation insurance premiums.  Since then, I’ve helped them reduce exposures with lift tables, a formal lockout-tagout program, and created a national safety committee program with bi-lingual safety plans.


Even if you don’t have a history of losses, planning and controlling the large exposures is a great way to keep your insurance plan in place and your business operating.  This past year, my concentration has been on reducing my client’s cyber exposures, controlling distracted driving and implementing continuation plans and funding mechanisms for small businesses with concentrated ownership.


I focus on adding value to my clients’ insurance and risk management program through better execution of our plans and procedures.  If you are motivated to change, I am confident that we can address your potential problems immediately and directly.

On a personal note, my wife and teens give me balance to my life.  I enjoy restoring our 1850 stone farm house, flying our Cherokee Six and watching our teens play sports.