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New Department of Labor rules for overtime and salaried classifications.
Introduction. On May 18, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a final rule regarding overtime wage payment qualifications for the “white collar exemptions” under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).    The final rule increases the salary an employee must be paid in order to qualify for a white collar exemption. The required salary
OSHA fines are playing catch up. How will this affect your business?
Managing the risk of governmental and legal issues is becoming more difficult to business owners all across this country.  In addition to compliance with the volumes of  Occupational Safety Hazards Rules, the fines associated with violating these rules have now increased 78%. Today’s blog summarizes the background to the increase and the timing of the
How grumpy cat ate your financials and didn’t even say “thank you”.
“Did you see the latest cat video?”  “I heard there’s a great Christmas deal online today.”  “What’s up with your quarterback’s stats?”  I bet you’ve heard that comment in your office that turns into a website search on your business’s computers later that day.  It’s no secret that your technology company depends on the capabilities
You can’t sell what you don’t have – Managing your supply chain risk.
While lean manufacturing has become a cornerstone for successful supply chain management and a way for businesses to stay flexible and responsive to changing tastes in their markets, the dependence on and relationship with suppliers resulting from outsourcing and minimizing stock creates a wide range of exposures. Successfully navigating and managing the risks presented by
The dangers of getting cozy with your job site temporary heat source.
For some of us, the onset of cooler weather means heating our work area with temporary heaters. When used correctly, these heaters can make the working environment comfortable. However, when used improperly, they present a significant risk of fire or health hazard. Things to consider with temporary heat. Heaters are primarily used seasonally and are