Renewable Energy Manufacturer Insurance



This warranty provides broader product warranties or extended warranties to companies who manufacture, distribute, or supply energy products.  Eligible companies include manufacturers, distributors or suppliers of wind turbines, solar equipment, batteries, engine retrofits, biofuel, biomass, heating and cooling equipment, energy efficient construction materials, or other energy efficiency solutions.


The following are benefits an Energy Manufacturer’s Product Warranty would provide to a property owner and/or funding institution.


  • The insurance carrier can assume up to 100% of the risk on each warranty and would structure the program to each company’s needs and wishes. Insureds are able to participate in their warranty program’s experience through risk-sharing.
  • Our top-down approach focuses on the industry, company and product.  By analyzing product design, engineering and failure modes, we are able to thoroughly assess and quantify a product’s risk.
  • The insurance carrier employs engineering experts that have extensive energy experience and participate closely in the underwriting process to make sure the design meets the assurances given by the contractor.
  • This program provides on-going risk management and loss prevention support including training and communication programs that support industry best practices.
  • The program offers fast, efficient and fair resolution of claims. The carrier’s aggressive claims management oversight focuses on inclusion of the policyholder rather than exclusion during the claims process.