Renewable Energy Production Warranty Insurance



This warranty provides up to 10-year coverage against lowered power output and production guarantee payouts due to improper contractor/manufacturer design or installation work.


Eligible companies include contractors and manufacturers of power producing equipment, such as fuel cells, pyrolysis waste of oil producers, biomass gasification, grid-scale batteries and co-generation technologies.   


Output performance warranties typically have large insured limits.  The exposure to all parties requires a great deal of underwriting and testing before a proposal can be presented.  Projects without working prototypes or existing production facilities cannot receive this warranty.


The following are benefits an Output Performance Warranty provides to a property owner and/or funding institution.


  • The insurance carrier can assume up to 100% of the risk on each warranty, structuring the program to each company’s needs and wishes.  Companies are able to participate in their warranty program’s experience through risk-sharing.
  • Our top-down approach focuses on the industry,company and product.  Analyzing product design, engineering and failure modes, we are able to thoroughly assess and quantify a product’s risk.
  • This program provides on-going risk management and loss prevention support including training and communication programs that support industry best practices.
  • The program offers fast, efficient and fair resolution of claims. The insurance carrier’s aggressive claims management oversight focuses on inclusion of the policyholder rather than exclusion during the claims process.