Solar Installation Performance Warranty



The Solar Installation Performance Warranty program provides up to 10 years of coverage against shortfalls from lowered solar performance as a result of the solar contractor’s design or installation work.


The following are benefits a Solar Installation Performance Warranty provides to a property owner and/or funding institution.


  • A way to protect the system’s guaranteed output. Project owners can ensure predictability and cash flows from their solar arrays’ energy output, even in a partial to complete failure.
  • The Solar Installation Performance Warranty program offers fair and affordable premiums based on a percentage of the total guaranteed solar energy output, which is a function of KWh multiplied by the stipulated KWh price.  This value may include solar renewable energy credits and other rebates.
  • The warranty provides security to project owners when the solar manufacturer’s performance warranty excludes “Improper Installation”. The performance warranty covers lowered energy output as a result of contractor’s installation or design work, thus filling in the coverage gap that exists on the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
  • The carrier’s engineering team has extensive energy experience and participates closely in the underwriting process to not only support the contractor’s assertions, but to find solutions in the event of a failure. The team has underwriting many solar projects and can easily detect bad data and assertions that are far-fetched.
  • By providing reliable collateral with insurance, the Solar Installation Performance Warranty allows contractors to grow and bid on increasingly larger projects.
  • The carrier’s experienced claims team ensures fast, efficient and fair resolution of claims.  Our pre-established troubleshooting procedures and practices help avoid unnecessary claim disputes.


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