Personal Risk Management

Personal Risk Management and Professional Development



Recent years have been tough on business owners.  While the economy was strong in 2005, many companies’ organizational weaknesses were hidden by strong sales and acceptable profits.  These weaknesses were exposed in 2008 with the collapse of the economy and the uncertainty of the economy for the next eight years. 


If you were in the recreational vehicle industry building campers, sales went from boom to zero overnight. Home builders went from building 80 homes a year to 8.  Business production payroll dropped 60%.  It was tough.  Many businesses that were overextended closed while others laid off staff and hunkered down into survival mode.


The question is – “Are you still living in 2008 taking a defensive stance or are you living in the present pursuing new business and opportunities?”


The greatest thing I’ve done for myself and my business is to find smart people, listen to what they have to say and read their books.  AM talk radio is great to get a viewpoint or be entertained, but the news they deliver is frustrating, life-draining, and can keep you in that bunker mentality.


I suggest you find some great podcasts, load up your phone, and make your car or favorite running trail a moving university. Learn new things from others to bring to your business in today’s environment (it’s free). Contrary to what you may believe, there are still businesses “WOW”ing customers and hitting it out of the park with regards to sales and profit.  


Here are some great people to follow and read.  They’ll breath life into you and your business: